Château d'automobile

Stylish living and stylish driving

Soak up the beautiful scenery of the Périgord from behind the wheel. The Château de Monboucher welcomes car lovers and we are pleased to offer various services for your vehicle.

Château d'Automobile

All vehicles are to be parked in the new car pavilion. This will be built a few hundred metres away from the residential buildings. In the car pavilion there is a car library with a bar and a billiard table.

You are welcome to leave your car at Château de Monboucher all year round. If required, our mechanic can take care of simple maintenance and cleaning.

You are also welcome to "tinker" alone or with friends in the workshop.

The area around Château de Monboucher is perfect driving country. A leisurely drive will lead you through ondulating vineyards and beautiful landscapes, via historical architecture, quaint villages, passionate winegrowers, artisans and chefs ( The Region ). THE REGION ).

The French have a true appreciation of beautiful classic cars. All year round, on the first Sunday of the month, car enthusiasts meet just 15 minutes from the castle. There is a larger annual event in July that attracts up to 1000 vehicles every year.

If you prefer to up the pace, just 1 hour and 15 minutes north of the chateau you can do laps on the Circuit de Haute Saintongue racing track. Circuit de Haute Saintonge . Circuit de Haute Saintonge .

Each year, we will organise an Automobile Day at Château de Monboucher. Friends and guests from near and far, with or without automobiles can enjoy a wonderful ‘Four wheeled treasure’ themed stay.

PS: Although we love cars, please be assured that owning or hiring a vehicle is not a prerequisite to become a member of Château de Monboucher.


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