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Château de Monboucher is located in the Dordogne/Périgord region and is deemed "the heart of France", by the Michelin Guide. The beautiful Dordogne Valley and its magnificent cliffs, prehistoric caves and sublime châteaux, offer endless journeys of discovery as well as gastronomical delights: exceptional wine, rich black truffles, foie gras, cheeses not to mention the delicious local walnut cake.

Bergerac, France

Eight kilometres east of the chateau is the charming town of Bergerac. Situated On the banks of the Dordogne River, it is surrounded by vineyards, tobacco plantations and arable fields. The old town centre has been tastefully restored and has beautiful 15th and 16th century buildings, built of honey-coloured sandstone. Made great by past trade along the Dordogne, Bergerac today hosts a great selection of shops, bars and restaurants.



Bergerac is renowned for its beautiful vineyards and excellent wines. There are 13 Appellations d'Origine Controlées (AOC) for red, white and rosé wines. Wines from Bergerac are somewhat lighter than those from neighbouring Bordeaux and offer excellent value for money. The famous French sweet wine "Monbazillac" is produced only a few kilometres from Château de Monboucher. The château of Monbazillac is a stone’s throw and, with its in-depth information centre, is definitely worth a trip.


Château de Monboucher is located in the southwest of France, only 85 kilometres from Bordeaux. That means plenty of sunshine. The "SudOuest" region is one of the warmest in France - but without the intense heat in high summer thanks to the breeze from the Atlantic coast.



As the world's wine capital, Bordeaux is both a historic city and a modern metropolis with magnificent architecture, museums, restaurants and shops. The city centre, protected as a World Heritage Site, has been extensively restored in recent years. Bordeaux is one to two hours' drive from Château de Monboucher depending on traffic......and delight you anew with every visit and is not to be missed.

Food & Restaurants

The Périgord is famous for its authentic and fine cuisine. It is home to many famous French specialities. You will find a variety of excellent restaurants in Bergerac and the nearby surroundings.



Living in Périgord means being surrounded by castles, fortresses, historic sites, parks and museums. Ancient caves like those of Lascaux are the reason why this part of France is also called the birthplace of human civilisation.

Art & Culture

Particularly during the summer, music and theatre festivals abound. This enjoyable and picturesque area has For years, this inspriational area has attracted a variety of artists and artisans to work and exhibit here. We are delighted to support this tradition with our ‘Artist in Residence’ concept.

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The surrounding area of Bergerac offers several golf courses. The luxurious Château de Vigier golf course is only a 15 minute drive from our château.

Martin Walker

In 1999, the Scottish historian, political journalist and author Martin Walker moved to the Périgord with his family. Inspired by its history and its inhabitants, he wrote his first crime novel ‘Bruno - Chef de Police’ in 2008. His Bruno novels have been published in 18 languages. The historical novel Shadow on the Wall, published in 2012, is also set in the Périgord. Bruno – Chef de police. His Bruno novels have been published in 18 languages. 


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